Journey To Find The Light


Do you ever sit quietly, close your eyes, and feel the energy moving through your body?

Had someone asked me that question even five years ago I would have responded with puzzlement.  What are you talking about?  Feel the energy?  What energy?  What does that even mean?

For me, it now means Reiki.  It means Integrated Energy Therapy.  It means any one of the many holistic healing modalities that I’ve come to know, appreciate, and embrace as a part of my daily life.

So how did I get to this place of energy awareness?  My path certainly wasn’t direct.  It branched, turned, twisted, doubled back on itself, and went in complete circles more than once.  It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fast.  My quest to find answers — to find the light — began a long time ago.  In my early twenties I found self-hypnosis.  It was the first glimmer of light, but when others scoffed I caved to their skepticism.  Many other interests of a metaphysical nature crossed my path over the years, but inevitably they too fell to the wayside.  To the darkness.  And I was left hoping for light but not knowing how to find it.

Then some years ago my life became a series of coincidences.  Synchronicity.  Oh how I love the word synchronicity.  I’m an avid reader, and book upon book referenced people who had the ability to heal with their hands.  How was that possible?  Interesting concept.  Then a friend mentioned Reiki.  “What’s Reiki”, I asked?  The ability to promote healing with your hands.  Interesting.  Very interesting.  Months passed.  I sought and found a Reiki Master to receive treatment.  My goal: to rid myself of the feeling of a general dissatisfaction of life.  Through Reiki, I was able to release and move on.  It changed my life.  I considered learning this incredible modality but didn’t know how to begin.  And so another idea fell to the darkness.

Fast forward one year.  There I was, still seeking answers and also dealing with a great deal of emotional distress.  A Chakra Balancing class sounded interesting.  I went.  The instructor was a Reiki Master.  I scheduled an appointment.  That session proved to be one of the most powerful, spiritual experiences of my life.  Leaving the session I saw a calendar of upcoming events, which listed a Reiki I class the following week.  I signed up.  I went.  It changed my life.

My training continued with more and more classes until I became a Reiki Master/Teacher.  I opened my own business on a part-time basis.  Still, I clung to the security of a steady paycheck from my full-time employment.  The full-time work wasn’t fulfilling in any way.  I wanted out, but wasn’t ready to take the leap towards the light.  Synchronicity stepped in once again.  My employer announced that the  business was being liquidated, forcing me to make a decision.  Should I look for another full-time job in a field that didn’t interest me simply to maintain consistent income?  Or take a chance on myself?  Take a leap of faith?  I leapt.

At this time I have a few jobs, and I love each one.  I’m a Special Education Paraeducator.  I work with non-profits staffing programs for adults with intellectual and developmental differences.  And most fulfilling of all, I operate my own business where I provide Reiki, I.E.T., Hypnosis, and Past-Life Regression.  I help.  I heal.  The rewards are beyond anything I could have imagined.  Life is amazing.  I finally found the light.  May you find yours.

Embrace the Journey.

Photo credit: Body & Soul Shepherd


A Reiki Story


People seek Reiki healing for many reasons. Stress is perhaps the most often-cited cause. Frequent complaints include neck, shoulder, back, and knee pain. Headaches are common. Anxiety and depression are prevalent. Clarity and life purpose have become blurred. There is no single ailment. Every person has their own story. And each story provokes different reactions on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the storyteller.

As a Reiki Master, I hear many different stories. Stories about the impact on the lives of the clients who come to see me. The toll that has been taken is sometimes apparent with just one glance. In other instances it is buried deep within – not visible to the human eye. But it is there. Visible or not, every story deserves to be heard and every ailment deserves to be healed.

Client reaction during a Reiki healing is as unique as the story with which they arrive. Some enter a meditative state. Others see colors and images. Quite a few become deeply relaxed and fall asleep during the session. Occasionally a client will tell me that they became so light and energized they felt they were floating. (I was there and can assure them they didn’t actually levitate off the table.) Sometimes the experience is of a spiritual nature, relayed to me post-session with amazement and awe in the voice of the storyteller.

It is common for physical aches and pains to leave the body, for emotional distress to be soothed, for the mind to quiet, and the spirit to be lifted. In other ways the results are as diverse as the stories. Insights are found. Long held grief may disappear, as was the case when a client – whose child was lost far too soon – felt the child give a reassuring squeeze of their hand while communicating that they were all right. Energy levels increase, restoring a zest for life. Connection to spirit is deepened, as for the young person who came seeking healing only on the physical level, but who left with a feeling of profound peace and inspired to seek a deeper meaning of life.

Reiki has brought healing to my life and the lives of many. The stories are deeply inspirational and extremely empowering. What’s your story?