Behavior Change

Do you have a behavior pattern that you wish you could stop?  One hypnosis session was all this client needed to make positive changes in his life!

“I went to Donna at Body and Soul Shepherd for hypnosis to cure a 50-year nail biting/picking habit.  My hands looked awful and fingertips always hurt.  The process was professional and non-threatening, and I never felt like I gave up control.  Donna’s soothing voice and well-researched script guided me through suggestions for handling the urge to bite/pick.  The result?  I haven’t bitten or picked for 4 months, my hands look better and they don’t hurt!  I would highly recommend Donna’s hypnotherapy skills to break bad habits and improve health and quality of life.”

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Author: Body & Soul Shepherd, LLC

Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, and Past Life Regression practitioner walking the path to heal myself and others. Striving towards a quiet mind, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want, and my Soul's satisfaction. It is my hope that you find as much healing through these blogs as I do. May you find all that you seek. Embrace the Journey.

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