Release Emotional Baggage

Would you like to let go of that emotional baggage you’ve been hauling around?  It’s much easier than you think, as one client states here: ”

Wow, what an experience I had this evening!  First timer with hypnosis, had some reservations with feeling vulnerable but kept an open mind. Donna was excellent on explaining hypnosis and how she would guide the session. She had the right tone and right gentleness and got me to deep relaxation and ultimately visualizations of letting go some of the excess baggage I was carrying.  It was a great release.  She also gave suggestions on what to do at home and how to tune-up.  Thanks Donna you are amazing at what you do!”

This powerful hypnosis healing is available for only $75.


Author: Body & Soul Shepherd, LLC

Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, and Past Life Regression practitioner walking the path to heal myself and others. Striving towards a quiet mind, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want, and my Soul's satisfaction. It is my hope that you find as much healing through these blogs as I do. May you find all that you seek. Embrace the Journey.

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