Find Your Zen

An article that I read struck home with this truth: “There are many layers of worryfear, distraction, need, expectation, and uncertainty to cut through in order to penetrate the true inner core that is harnessed within the nature of everyone and everything. This mysterious center of source is the resting place of Zen — a space of still, vibrant, fully alive, and silent energy stronger than you could imagine.”

A client recently referenced Zen after a session with me. She says: “I sought an experience with Reiki after a trusted person advised that I may find it beneficial for healing. I chose Body & Soul Shepherd after doing a basic web search of area providers. She was the third of the listings I read and immediately felt an honesty from her site that encouraged me to call for an appointment.

Donna took time to speak with me about what Reiki is and what my expectations were. She shared what she would be doing during the session (taking notes, etc.) so I would know what to expect. She took time to review her notes with me after. Never have I left a therapeutic session of any kind (massage, acupuncture) with such a feeling of calmness. I imagine this is what “zen” is, being deeply calm and still while being aware of the surroundings. I left feeling much peace within and also feeling very grounded. I plan to return in the next month.

I highly recommend Body & Soul Shepherd for someone who is looking for that zen experience and who is open to alternative forms of healing.” – Joanne M.

Click to learn more about Reiki or go to—scheduling-1… to book a session to find *your* zen.


Author: Body & Soul Shepherd, LLC

Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, and Past Life Regression practitioner walking the path to heal myself and others. Striving towards a quiet mind, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want, and my Soul's satisfaction. It is my hope that you find as much healing through these blogs as I do. May you find all that you seek. Embrace the Journey.

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