How do you take your Reiki?

Have you ever experienced an energy surge? Maybe you’ve seen it when the lights flicker, or you see a downed wire sparking on the ground. Perhaps you’ve heard the boom when a nearby transformer is struck. It’s possible that you’ve felt the hairs on your arms stand up from the electricity of a lightning strike. These are extreme examples of energy’s power. Reiki is another form of energy, far less intense but just as powerful in its own way.

Reiki is universal life energy. A Reiki Practitioner accesses and channels the universal energy for the purpose of healing. Energy flows through the Practitioner to and from the client. What happens then? Areas of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that are depleted of energy receive replenishment; excess energy trapped in these four areas that is no longer serving a greater purpose gets released; energetic blockages are cleared and flow improves; balance to the chakras and throughout the aura is restored. What does this mean? Healing, as tension and anxiety dissipate; aches and pains dissolve; the mind calms; emotional burdens ease; balance and harmony are restored.

Many of my clients come see me in person for their Reiki session. There are many reasons why this is their preference. The room in which I work is very soothing, and the quiet music, muted lighting and calming décor invite immediate relaxation. The table on which the client lies – supportive yet comfortable — is covered with a soft sheet, and can be heated during colder weather if the client wishes. It can be a very Zen experience before the Reiki even begins. There’s connection through touch — since a session involves hands placed lightly on the body except in rare instances of client preference — as well as via conversation both before and after the session.

On the other hand, not everyone is able to see me in person. There are many reasons why this is true. Clients may not live in the immediate area. They may have physical impairments that prevent them from traversing the two flights of stairs necessary to reach my healing space. Individuals with conditions such as ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) may find it impossible to be still for an hour. Finding time in an already overloaded schedule may be a deterrent. These are perfect examples of why people schedule Reiki from Afar distance sessions for themselves – or for someone they love.

As mentioned earlier, Reiki is Universal Life Energy. You also are energy. I am energy. Everything is energy. And all energy is connected. This connection makes it possible to share Reiki with someone directly in front of you … or sleeping on the other side of the world. Time, space, and distance are irrelevant. Connection is all that matters.

How does a Reiki from Afar session differ from an in-person session? The obvious is that the client isn’t in the room with me. They may have chosen to sit or lie quietly for the scheduled hour, or they may opt to move about performing their usual tasks. In some instances, a recipient isn’t even aware that they’re receiving Reiki, which occurs when the session is scheduled for them by a loved one. As a reiki master, I will always use the energy ethically and for the highest good of every client, which means that scheduling a session for someone you care about is completely honorable and permissible. Regardless of who the client is, a Reiki from Afar session begins when I make the connection with the client’s energy. Once the connection has been established, I always seek permission to proceed. To my query of “Will you accept this Reiki healing being sent for your greatest good?” I’ve received responses ranging from “Yes, with caution” to “ABSOLUTELY!” Permission comes from the client’s Higher Self or Guardian Angel, and has been granted in 100% of my distance sessions.

Lacking a physical body to work on, I find it beneficial to use a surrogate, and have a 28” tall teddy bear (pictured below) who serves this purpose. Placing my hands on the bear’s body is, energetically speaking, the same as placing my hands on the body of a client. I can feel the same sensations of release, replenishment, unblocking, opening, and balancing. Messages sometime come through from Spirit and Beings from Beyond, just as they do when a client is present in the room. And the client – whether aware of the session or not – receives *all* the same benefits that I mentioned earlier.

In person or at a distance, Reiki is a powerful healing energy suitable for everyone. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of Reiki.


Find Your Zen

An article that I read struck home with this truth: “There are many layers of worryfear, distraction, need, expectation, and uncertainty to cut through in order to penetrate the true inner core that is harnessed within the nature of everyone and everything. This mysterious center of source is the resting place of Zen — a space of still, vibrant, fully alive, and silent energy stronger than you could imagine.”

A client recently referenced Zen after a session with me. She says: “I sought an experience with Reiki after a trusted person advised that I may find it beneficial for healing. I chose Body & Soul Shepherd after doing a basic web search of area providers. She was the third of the listings I read and immediately felt an honesty from her site that encouraged me to call for an appointment.

Donna took time to speak with me about what Reiki is and what my expectations were. She shared what she would be doing during the session (taking notes, etc.) so I would know what to expect. She took time to review her notes with me after. Never have I left a therapeutic session of any kind (massage, acupuncture) with such a feeling of calmness. I imagine this is what “zen” is, being deeply calm and still while being aware of the surroundings. I left feeling much peace within and also feeling very grounded. I plan to return in the next month.

I highly recommend Body & Soul Shepherd for someone who is looking for that zen experience and who is open to alternative forms of healing.” – Joanne M.

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Reiki RX for Holiday Stress

Reiki RX for Holiday Stress

Article by Sandra Sylvester

The holidays can be a time of wonder and joy, a unique season that brings delight to our senses. We look forward to preparing for special events and festivities, spending time with those we love, and helping those in need. We may spend much of our time doing more for others and neglect taking care of ourselves.

Along with the many delightful aspects of this season come a variety of challenges. We can be overwhelmed by adding holiday activities to our already busy lives, or be lonely with the loss of loved ones, or be dealing with other stressors that make us feel blue. Whatever the challenges may be, often the last thing we may think of is to engage in a self-care activity to help us manage these stressful times.

We are all aware of how too much stress is detrimental to our health and happiness. While some stress in our everyday lives is inevitable, the holiday season can kick all that stress into high gear. It is important during these times to find a self-care practice you enjoy to bring down the engine throttle.

My unwavering suggestion is to try Reiki, a reliable, safe, and convenient self-care practice that can be enjoyed by either receiving a Reiki treatment from another, or practicing self-reiki on yourself. Reiki is your Rx for the holidays, challenging times, or for maintenance to keep the good days rolling.

Reiki treatment offers a unique, all-inclusive option for self-care. Here’s why …

  1. Treatments are relaxing. When we are over stressed, our nervous system dominance is in a ‘run for your life mode’. When we are mindful to relax, the nervous system shifts to ‘I’m all right’ mode. Equilibrium is achieved, and, consequently, we feel better.
  2. It is pleasurable. Neuropsychologists recommend one of the best ways to cope with stress is to engage in a pleasurable experience. During a Reiki treatment, you don’t need to do anything to enjoy the soothing, balancing effects.
  3. You experience something new. Your brain responds favorably when you engage in a new pleasurable activity–it boosts your energy level. Even if you have had a Reiki treatment before, your brain will still respond to the newness of the experience because each treatment is unique.
  4. You may feel a spiritual connection. A Reiki session may bring feelings of gratitude that calm your mind. You may find it easier to find inner resilience and experience a sense of peace.
  5. You recall healing emotions. Reiki practice ignites feelings of compassion and self-love. Learning to love yourself enough to practice daily self-care is not selfish. It is a way to cherish and honor you.
  6. Your body becomes physically engaged. During a Reiki treatment, you grant the body time to let down enough to stimulate your own self-healing mechanisms. You become an active participant in your own health and well-being.
  7. You establish a social connection to your Reiki practitioner. A professional Reiki practitioner genuinely cares about your wellbeing. When we feel cared about, the brain responds by releasing healthy hormones.

There is a wide array of self-care options to choose. From my experience, I have found Reiki practice to be the easiest, fastest, method to facilitate a more well-balanced state of being.

Men and Holistic Healing


Why do men have such a different attitude than women about holistic healing?  This question doesn’t apply to every male on the planet.  Of course it doesn’t.  There are men who are open to holistic, complementary, alternative modalities.  In my experience, however, they are few and far between.

I am a healer, with a focus is on Reiki, Hypnosis, and Past-Life Regression.  It was obvious that more women than men sought out my services, but it wasn’t until I began analyzing client data that I realized the full extent of the disparity.  The result of the analysis?  Females account for approximately 90% of my clients.  That was a percentage far beyond what I would have estimated.  Only 1 in 10 clients was male!  And so I was left to wonder … why?  What causes such a chasm?

One reason could be something as mundane as a wish to see a male rather than a female healer.  For instance, those less familiar with Reiki – an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique that uses life force energy to heal the whole body by balancing the subtle energies — may not realize that they remain fully clothed for a session.  It’s therefore possible that gender preference plays a part in who chooses to see me, with the male population choosing a business offering a male healer for this modality.

A second possibility germinates from John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.  From the section entitled “Men Go to Their Caves and Women Talk”:  “Men like to demonstrate their abilities by being allowed to solve problems without interference.”  I know numerous men who procrastinate as long as possible before going to a doctor.  It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that some men don’t seek complimentary treatment for the same reason they don’t seek traditional Western treatment.  They view their stress, their grief, their aches and pains, etc. as something to be dealt with and resolved on their own.

In the book Archetypes: A beginner’s guide to your inner-net, author Caroline Myss says:  “Men are as attracted to a search for meaning and purpose as women.  Gender has nothing to do with our yearning for a spiritual life.”  However, she also notes that “… men peer through the window of anything spiritual – or “woo-woo”, as many like to say …”  Woo-woo?  Webster defines the term woo-woo as “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific.” Is it this – the mystical aspect — that deters men from seeking energy work and hypnosis?  Is it disbelief of that which they deem to be unscientific?  There’s a reason why a person who is skeptical and refuses to believe something without proof is called a Doubting Thomas – not a Doubting Tina.  It’s also synchronistic that shortly after reading the woo-woo quote referenced above, the following review was written about me:  “Although guys may think this is kinda a ‘woo-woo’ experience … you should try the hypnosis and reiki sessions. The experience is relaxing and Donna may also provide some things to think about. She is excellent!”  And yes, the review was written by a man.

Donna Dangle is a Reiki Master/Teacher , Certified Hypnotist, and business owner of Body & Soul Shepherd, LLC in Gaithersburg, MD.

Life-Changing Moments

What was your life-changing moment?

“It doesn’t take long to have a life-changing experience. Sometimes a weekend workshop will do it. Sometimes a chance encounter is sufficient. Sometimes a moment can be enough time to create a permanent life change.”

One hour of Reiki proved life-changing for a client of mine, who said: “I had one session a few months ago and it was a turning point for me. I’m so grateful. Thank you.” – J.S.

In an inspirational article published in Psychology Today — and the source of the opening quotation — Charlie Bloom tells about his life-changing moment. Read his full story at

I would be truly interested in hearing about your life-changing moment if you care to share.

Reiki, Hypnosis or a Past-Life Regression might help you experience *your* life-changing moment. Learn more at

Binge Eating Disorder: More Prevalent Than You Might Think

Binge eating disorder is the most common type of eating disorder in the United States. [US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Office on Women’s Health 5/17/18]   People with binge eating disorder often feel out of control and eat a large amount of food at one time (called a binge). Unlike other eating disorders, people who have binge eating disorder do not throw up the food or exercise too much. Binge eating disorder is a serious health problem, but people with binge eating disorder can get better with treatment.

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of young American women report disordered eating behaviors. [ABC News report 4/26/18]

If you’re dealing with this behavior, you’re not alone. The situation isn’t hopeless. Help is available.

One young woman affected by this disorder had this to say:

“I came to Donna seeking help making peace with food and my overeating struggles. I had been struggling with episodes of overeating for almost two years, usually about once a week. If you’ve ever struggled with this type of issue, you know that it can seem absolutely awful at times, and can leave you feeling very hopeless. After just 6 weeks, I can safely say that I have never felt so at ease around food. To have over 4 weeks now without an episode speaks volumes! I feel like Donna has given me the tools to take back control of my life, and I am so excited that I now know how to prevent those awful overeating episodes from occurring again. Hypnosis did for me what traditional therapy couldn’t. If you have a habit or action that you are trying to break, Donna is the person to go to!”  – M.T.

Want to learn how my client was able to take control of this situation? Schedule a free phone consultation to find out more and to see if this is the right fit for you.—scheduling-1.html


Heal the Present By Healing the Past

Sometimes we need to heal the past before we can heal the present.

“I had a very significant and positive healing experience doing a past life regression with Donna. She helped me to process and heal from a previous trauma in a past life. Donna was able to combine her past life regression and Reiki training to support me though an intense healing experience. I would highly recommend her for both past life regression and Reiki healing. Her skill set as well as her compassion and support made me feel completely supported, allowing me to process and release my grief. Through this release, I’ve been able to remove blocks that were holding me back in my present life. Donna aided me in the most intense healing session I’ve ever had, and I’m forever grateful.” – M.M.