Find Your Zen

An article that I read struck home with this truth: “There are many layers of worryfear, distraction, need, expectation, and uncertainty to cut through in order to penetrate the true inner core that is harnessed within the nature of everyone and everything. This mysterious center of source is the resting place of Zen — a space of still, vibrant, fully alive, and silent energy stronger than you could imagine.”

A client recently referenced Zen after a session with me. She says: “I sought an experience with Reiki after a trusted person advised that I may find it beneficial for healing. I chose Body & Soul Shepherd after doing a basic web search of area providers. She was the third of the listings I read and immediately felt an honesty from her site that encouraged me to call for an appointment.

Donna took time to speak with me about what Reiki is and what my expectations were. She shared what she would be doing during the session (taking notes, etc.) so I would know what to expect. She took time to review her notes with me after. Never have I left a therapeutic session of any kind (massage, acupuncture) with such a feeling of calmness. I imagine this is what “zen” is, being deeply calm and still while being aware of the surroundings. I left feeling much peace within and also feeling very grounded. I plan to return in the next month.

I highly recommend Body & Soul Shepherd for someone who is looking for that zen experience and who is open to alternative forms of healing.” – Joanne M.

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Binge Eating Disorder: More Prevalent Than You Might Think

Binge eating disorder is the most common type of eating disorder in the United States. [US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Office on Women’s Health 5/17/18]   People with binge eating disorder often feel out of control and eat a large amount of food at one time (called a binge). Unlike other eating disorders, people who have binge eating disorder do not throw up the food or exercise too much. Binge eating disorder is a serious health problem, but people with binge eating disorder can get better with treatment.

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of young American women report disordered eating behaviors. [ABC News report 4/26/18]

If you’re dealing with this behavior, you’re not alone. The situation isn’t hopeless. Help is available.

One young woman affected by this disorder had this to say:

“I came to Donna seeking help making peace with food and my overeating struggles. I had been struggling with episodes of overeating for almost two years, usually about once a week. If you’ve ever struggled with this type of issue, you know that it can seem absolutely awful at times, and can leave you feeling very hopeless. After just 6 weeks, I can safely say that I have never felt so at ease around food. To have over 4 weeks now without an episode speaks volumes! I feel like Donna has given me the tools to take back control of my life, and I am so excited that I now know how to prevent those awful overeating episodes from occurring again. Hypnosis did for me what traditional therapy couldn’t. If you have a habit or action that you are trying to break, Donna is the person to go to!”  – M.T.

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Heal the Present By Healing the Past

Sometimes we need to heal the past before we can heal the present.

“I had a very significant and positive healing experience doing a past life regression with Donna. She helped me to process and heal from a previous trauma in a past life. Donna was able to combine her past life regression and Reiki training to support me though an intense healing experience. I would highly recommend her for both past life regression and Reiki healing. Her skill set as well as her compassion and support made me feel completely supported, allowing me to process and release my grief. Through this release, I’ve been able to remove blocks that were holding me back in my present life. Donna aided me in the most intense healing session I’ve ever had, and I’m forever grateful.” – M.M.

Behavior Change

Do you have a behavior pattern that you wish you could stop?  One hypnosis session was all this client needed to make positive changes in his life!

“I went to Donna at Body and Soul Shepherd for hypnosis to cure a 50-year nail biting/picking habit.  My hands looked awful and fingertips always hurt.  The process was professional and non-threatening, and I never felt like I gave up control.  Donna’s soothing voice and well-researched script guided me through suggestions for handling the urge to bite/pick.  The result?  I haven’t bitten or picked for 4 months, my hands look better and they don’t hurt!  I would highly recommend Donna’s hypnotherapy skills to break bad habits and improve health and quality of life.”

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Pain Relief

“I had a Reiki treatment with Body & Soul Shepherd to address pain from ongoing lower back issues and general life stress. The session was extremely relaxing and I found it quite therapeutic. Donna is very professional, reviews your specific needs and concerns, lets you know exactly what will happen in the session, and makes you very comfortable. I had not tried Reiki before; it is literally the laying on of hands, and that has much more power and effect than you might expect. I strongly recommend Body & Soul Shepherd.”

Release Emotional Baggage

Would you like to let go of that emotional baggage you’ve been hauling around?  It’s much easier than you think, as one client states here: ”

Wow, what an experience I had this evening!  First timer with hypnosis, had some reservations with feeling vulnerable but kept an open mind. Donna was excellent on explaining hypnosis and how she would guide the session. She had the right tone and right gentleness and got me to deep relaxation and ultimately visualizations of letting go some of the excess baggage I was carrying.  It was a great release.  She also gave suggestions on what to do at home and how to tune-up.  Thanks Donna you are amazing at what you do!”

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Break the Habit


Interested in breaking an unhealthy habit or creating a healthy one? With hypnosis, it’s so much easier than you think. My client JB had this to say: “Donna carefully explained what to expect and then guided me through the hypnosis experience. She was professional, yet caring throughout. Upon following Donna’s instructions, I saw some results after my first visit. I believe additional sessions would be beneficial. I would not hesitate to recommend Donna’s services.”